Friday, March 27, 2015

Frost gets to run the show his way

KUALA LUMPUR: Badminton Association of Malaysia’s (BAM) technical director Morten Frost got what he wanted – control and a big budget to run the coaching and training programme.
The BAM executive committee, headed by president Tengku Tan Sri Mahaleel Tengku Ariff, met to study Frost’s proposals. And they gave the Dane their unanimous support to turn around the fortunes of Malaysian badminton.

Under the new plan and structure, all the national coaches’ contracts under BAM will be extended with better perks. A generous budget for the players’ participation in competitions has also been approved.

And Frost’s plan to scrap the chief coaches’ posts with immediate effect was received with lot of cheers.

Frost said he would assume the role of chief coach.

“I am so happy that I have received full support for my new coaching and training structure. I had asked for a big budget and it was approved,” said a delighted Frost.

“I have decided to remove all the chief coaches’ posts. I will act as the chief coach and all coaches from the elite and BJSS (Bukit Jalil Sports School) will report to me. All coaches will be given the contract next week and it is up to them whether to accept it or not.”

Prior to Frost’s arrival, Rashid Sidek was the chief coach of the singles department and Jeremy Gan was the chief doubles coach.

“Now, all the coaches have equal responsibilities. They can make instant decisions, but they will have to report to me.
“I will remain as the technical director.

“I have other obligations, like overseeing the development programmes at state level and monitoring all the other departments

“My next move is to come out with short and long term targets for all the players.
“There is so much work to be done. I am glad my proposals has been given the approval sooner than expected,” said Frost, whose target is to end Malaysia’s long wait for a gold medal at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

by Rajes Paul - The Star

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