Friday, February 13, 2015

Khairy Tables New Sports Module To Transform Country's Sports Development

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 12 (Bernama) -- Malaysian sports is expected to undergo a major transformation with the restructure of the National Sports Council (NSC) and the National Sports Institute (ISN).

Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin believes the splitting up of the NSC and ISN was badly handled and created silos, therefore restructuring will be a step forward to fix this legacy and overhaul sports development in the country.

The new National Sports Module involves the development of high performance athletes who will be divided into two groups, namely programme management handled by the NSC and performance management that will fall under the ISN.

Khairy said the move was to ensure both agencies would not work like a silo although the destination and vision are the same.

He said the Youth and Sports Ministry's chief secretary Datuk Jamil Salleh would be responsible to coordinate the restructure and outline the roles of the respective agencies by identifying any repetitive or overlapping roles.

According to Khairy, under the restructure, the NSC will resume its former role as the coordinator of athletes' development, establish relationship and working relationship with sports associations and all related agencies involved in the development of athletes in the country.

Khairy said the NSC would also be responsible to ensure continuity for athletes who compete in SUKMA to continue their journey to the SEA Games which will be the platform for exposure of athletes under the restructure.

"The NSC's responsibility to ensure continuity is important to establish a pool of quality athletes who can be groomed for bigger challenges at a higher level of competition," he said when tabling the new National Sports Module, here today.

Khairy said the ISN would draft, study and implement the Podium Programme, a programme to prepare the best athletes among selected athletes through proper dieting, training, sports science, coaching and facilities.

"We will only select the best athletes to be included in the programme. Once selected there will be no compromise, appeal or excuses because the benefits are tremendous, they will shoulder a huge responsibility and the best support services will be provided," he said.

To produce athletes with quality, the coaching department would also be developed in tandem with the requirements, support and management.

Therefore, the ISN will take over the National Coaching Academy from the NSC and the training module, development of coaches would be more comprehensive and specific through the application of sports science.

"The management of coaches, hiring and firing at every phase of athletes' development will remain under the respective agencies," he said.

Khairy added that under the restructure, the management of events that was previously handled by the NSC would now be taken over by the Ministry, so that the NSC can concentrate and focus on the preparation of athletes for competitions.

"To carry out the transformation, a task force will also be formed on March 1, to plan and draft a blueprint within 100 days. The blueprint will also encompass the development of paralympic athletes," he said.

"I will also set up a Command and Control committee to ensure the blueprint is implemented and monitored to achieve the aspiration of the nation. The committee will meet once in three months."

Khairy in his speech also urged all sports associations to play their respective roles to ensure the success of the transformation.


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