Friday, February 13, 2015

Khairy announce new model to transform Malaysian sports

KUALA LUMPUR: Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin has revealed a ground-breaking model to transform Malaysian sports.

And one of the drastic changes under the new model is the re-structuring and re-defining of the roles in both the National Sports Council (NSC) and National Sports Institute (NSI).

Clear directions have now been set for both the NSC and NSI to work together with all the national sports associations (NSAs) and state sports councils (SSCs) at every level.

In the past, the NSC and NSI had worked independently, creating duplications and problems between the two sports administrative giants.

Khairy said the NSI, under the leadership of chief executive officer (CEO) Datuk Dr Ramlan Aziz, will now be responsible for improving the elite athletes’ performances under their new project - Podium Programme.

Only the cream of the crop will be under the Podium Programme and they will given all the support that sports science has to offer.

The National Coaching Academy (NCA) will also come under the NSI’s jurisdiction in a move to produce quality coaches with knowledge in sports science.
Previously, the NSC had handled both these portfolios.

The NSC, under the helm of new director-general Datuk Ahmad Shapawi Ismail, will now revert to their original role – as the coordinator with all the other sports stakeholders to facilitate development programmes to create a wider base of talent at grassroots level.

The focus will be on the athletes, starting from seven years old, until they make their mark at the Malaysia Games (Sukma) and SEA Games.

The NSC will work in partnership with the Ministry of Education and all the SSCs to mobilise decentralised development programmes all over the country.

A confident Khairy, who read a 16-page speech to all the sports stakeholders in Bukit Jalil yesterday, said the new model would work.

“We have restored the role of the NSC as the coordinating body at development level. Sports science used to be the footnote of an athlete’s preparations, but now we have made it as the centre of an athlete and coach’s lives,” said Khairy.

“In the past, the NSC and NSI worked in their own silos. The NSC and NSI heads have met and promised to work together,” added Khairy.

by Rajes Paul - The Star

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