Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Khairy steers clear of NSAs

Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin has made it clear that he is not able to meddle with the internal selection process of national sports associations (NSAs) unless there is a clear cut reason to do so.

A group of current and former athletics athletes and coaches had handed a petition and a report against the return of Karim Ibrahim to the Malaysian Athletics Federation’s (MAF) to Khairy yesterday.

Karim was suspended by MAF for his involvement in a doping scandal and failure to account for over RM60,000 for a 2009 training stint in Germany but had his six-year ban overturned in court last year.

He was voted out as deputy president in September 2012 but will contest the president’s post in the elections on Saturday.

“ I cannot get involved in the election process of NSA’s. If a person is not worthy of holding a position because of a criminal case then we can take action,” said Khairy.

“But if they do not want a person for other reasons then there is very little I can do. If it was up to me, I would like to change a lot of NSA’s but I can’t.”

Khairy added that the funding for each sport in preparation for major competition over the next few years will depend on the outcome of a study that will be conducted by the Western Australia Institute of Sports (WAIS).

“Every decision in regard to funding will be based on the performance and road map of each sport. I cannot promise every sport will get the same as they are now.

“WAIS will begin their study next month and a detailed report will be presented to me.”  

By Fadhli Ishak - NST

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