Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tengku Abdullah Ready To Step Down As MHC President

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 18 (Bernama) -- Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) President Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah announced today that he would step down at its next Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Tengku Abdullah said the time has come for the MHC to be led by an influential leader who has the commitment and ability to bring in the financial resources to develop hockey in the country.

"I feel that MHC needs some revamping...I've already made an announcement that I wish to relinquish the position.

"...I just want to hand over to somebody new who can take hockey (to greater heights). There's nothing to argue, my statement is not to be debated. It's my intention, that's all," said Tengku Abdullah after chairing the MHC Supreme Council meeting, here today.

Tengku Abdullah said in the two terms he had helmed MHC, he was satisfied with the achievement and performance of the National squad, although the performance had dropped lately.

"I am happy with the achievement of the National squad but it is about time to give another individual who is willing to contribute to hockey. I have been a little slighted by the poor performance of late.

"I feel I have done the best for the National hockey team and happy with the achievement...if someone wants to come in as the MHC President, I am willing to vacate the chair. No need to be emotional about it," he said.

Tengku Abdullah said the MHC's AGM and election for office bearers (2014-2018) would be held after the Incheon Asian Games in South Korea which ends on Oct 4.

The MHC has also nominated Tengku Abdullah for the post of Asia Hockey Federation president which is expected to be held on Aug 31.


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