Friday, April 18, 2014

FAM told to act

SPORTS Minister Khairy Jamaluddin has expressed dismay over the rise of violence in the M-League and described Tuesday’s fracas at Perak Stadium in Ipoh as the most embarrassing incident in the history of the local game.

Speaking to reporters after launching the Women@Work Forum at Royal Selangor Golf Club, Khairy wants the FA of Malaysia (FAM) to take immediate action to eradicate football violence before it gets worse.

“There are two things I would like FAM to do. Firstly, the national body should punish those concerned immediately and impose heavier fines. If possible dock points from teams whose fans cause security issues inside and outside stadiums,” said Khairy yesterday.

“I believe if you dock points, teams and fans will both act more responsibly. Imposing heavier fines is the other thing FAM could do to eradicate hooliganism in football.
“However, I’ve noticed that FAM takes too long to investigate despite some being clear-cut cases. It is something they need to improve on.

“Secondly, I want the football body to work more closely with the police. Increase security and make sure fans do not smuggle banned items into stadiums. As for the fracas in Ipoh, FAM should also force Perak to play their matches in empty stadiums.”

However, Khairy credited FAM for doing its best in terms of security but felt more must be done.
“It is a worldwide problem. In Europe, fans are frisked but somehow flares and other banned items are smuggled into stadiums. However, FAM should increase the capacity of security.”

Khairy also stressed that he had warned FAM to take a stricter stand but the steps taken after that have failed to eradicate the problem.

“Security personnel should take action during matches by arresting troublemakers immediately and not wait until the situation gets worse,” he said.

Asked about next month’s FAM congress-cum-elections, Khairy hopes those elected will work closely with his ministry.

“We want to have close relationships to ensure the National Football Development Plan is a success,” Khairy added.

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