Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Commotion breaks out at Perak-JDT match

IPOH: A commotion broke out at the end of the Super League match at Stadium Perak here which saw host Perak lost to Johor Darul Ta'zim 1-0.

Supporters from Perak had acted violently by throwing various objects into the field, including firecrackers.

They also threw the objects at supporters of JDT.

The commotion also spread through the seats of the spectators when supporters of the host state stormed at them and threw various objects, causing NSTP photographer Supian Ahmad to be struck by stones.

The incident happened when the photographer was recording the commotion.

Supian was then given immediate medical treatment by the medical team.

He sustained minor injuries.

The situation became more tense, which forced the FRU to move in, and instruct supporters of JDT to enter the field again to avoid from any untoward incidents.

Until 11.40pm, supporters of JDT were still inside the field while police tried to disperse the crowd outside the stadium.

The security team was also forced to use tear has to disperse the crowd as well as water cannons.

NSTP photographer Supian Ahmad receiving immediate treatment after supporters threw hard objects during the football match between Perak and JDT in Ipoh. Perak lost 1-0. NSTP

By Audrey Dermawan |  Read more: Commotion breaks out at Perak-JDT match - Soccer - New Straits Times

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