Monday, January 06, 2014

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TOUGH TALK: NSC to get strict with MNCF over failed road programme

THE National Sports Council (NSC) will set a few strict conditions before they even agree to work with the Malaysian National Cycling Federation (MNCF) on putting its failed national road programme back on track.

"We are open to that suggestion and of course we would like to see the country's results in road cycling improve," said NSC director general Datuk Seri Zolkples Embong.
Zolkples reminded the MNCF that the road programme was briefly placed under the NSC in 2008 before MNCF officials heading the programme decided to sever the joint-committee ties and handle it on its own.

"We can't be doing it on our own and we will have to form a joint committee," said Zolkples.
Currently, the national track programme is run under a joint-committee with the athletes funded and trained by the NSC.

The inclusion of the road programme under NSC will mean only the mountain bike, BMX and indoor cycling programmes remain fully under MNCF.

The government allocated between RM1.5 and RM2.3 million annually for the road programme via Le Tour de Langkawi since 2007 but it has been on an alarming decline since.
Sport Minister Khairy Jamaluddin had on Friday told the MNCF to work with NSC to put the road programme back on track.

Under fire from the cycling community, the MNCF will hold an executive committee meeting in Malacca on Wednesday.

Vice-presidents Amrun Misnoh and Omar Saad, who were in charge during the Myanmar Sea Games debacle, are expected to vacate their posts as chairmen of the development and road committees respectively.

MNCF deputy president Datuk Naim Mohamad stated on Saturday that the federation would be ready to relinquish full control over the road programme.

The controversies, which have plagued the road programme, boiled over to the recent Sea Games, when a rider revolt almost caused the national team to pull out of the men's road race.
"I have heard it from the riders themselves as they came to see me to air their frustrations," said Zolkples.

"It is not just that, we have had several issues with the MNCF. Even now that the NSC fully runs the LTdL, these officials are unhappy as I have discovered a lot of unnecessary expenditure through the MNCF, and cut all that off.

"We can sit down with the MNCF to discuss the road programme in detail but I have several conditions before we agree to that.

"They must remember we are handling public funds and they can't be doing as they like anymore.
"We have officials, who are also capable of working with the road programme and we have the facilities.

"Most importantly, we want the MNCF to be sincere about this and they should be willing to work with us to improve the performances and results, not for themselves."

By Arnaz M. Khairul | 

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