Monday, June 17, 2013

Dharmaraj is hurt

NO REASON: Juniors coach also shocked for being implicated in Revington's resignation

NATIONAL Juniors coach K. Dharmaraj is hurt after he was dragged into the Paul Revington resignation saga.

South African Revington sent in a shocking email to the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) coaching committee on Saturday informing them that he was quitting his post as the national team's coach thus leaving Malaysia's preparations for the World League Semi-finals in jeopardy.

The World League, a qualifier for the World Cup, will be played in Johor Baru on June 29-July 7.
Revington said: "My resignation has come after five to six months of rumour spreading, finger-pointing, accusations and potential programme sabotage by various people who have targeted and affected the national team, members of my management team and me personally.

"I have kept my head down and tried to focus just on coaching but it has affected me emotionally.
"It is close to impossible to continue coaching the national team in this environment as I have lost trust."

After Revington sent in his resignation, the MHC coaching committee met and decided not to accept his resignation and will try to talk him out of it. The coaching committee also decided to propose that Dharmaraj and 1Mas project director Lim Chiow Chuan be removed from their positions.

"I have been told to refrain from making any statements to the Press as a meeting has been arranged for Tuesday (tomorrow) by the National Sports Council to get to the root of the matter.

"So I would just like to say that I was shocked, confused and very hurt when I was implicated in the reason as to why Revington quit the national team," said Dharmaraj.

Dharmaraj, for the record, coached his charges to win the inaugural Sultan of Johor Cup and the Junior Asia Cup which took Malaysia into the New Delhi Junior World Cup in December.
However, he has been accused of meddling with the senior squad and this subsequently caused Revington to lose control of some of his charges thus making his work difficult.

As for Chiow Chuan, it has been alleged that he sent a 'threatening' e-mail to Revington.
The South African coach is on the payroll of the NSC, and its director general Datuk Seri Zolkeples Embong was shocked and angry on hearing the news.

"I thought the issue (Chiow Chuan's email) had been resolved after I met with some of those involved to get their side of the story.

"Chiow Chuan has also apologised for his actions and I thought that was that.
"I would not like to say more. Suffice to say that a meeting has been arranged for Tuesday (tomorrow) to get to the root of the matter," said Zolkeples.

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