Thursday, May 02, 2013

Time for MHC to start looking for sponsors

KUALA LUMPUR: The annual men’s and women’s National Under-21 hockey tournaments, scheduled to be held here from May 21-30, have been postponed indefinitely – and it’s most probably because the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) can ill-afford to bear the organisational costs.

States hosting a local tournament are supposed to get a grant of RM35,000 from MHC, who also provide a subsidy of RM5,000 to each competing state.

So, that means the MHC were supposed to give KL RM70,000 to host both the men’s and women’s National Under-21 tournaments. On top of that, they also need to give a RM5,000 subsidy to each state who are taking part.

In total, it would cost MHC at least RM150,000 to help KL host both the men’s and women’s tournaments.

But it looks like MHC don’t have the money to give to the state to host the tournaments.
How are MHC going to help develop hockey in the country if they can’t help the states host local tournaments?

And the best part is the MHC are trying to put the blame on the states.
MHC competitions committee chairman M. Gobinathan had this to say when commenting on the postponement: “We have to postpone the tournament because Kuala Lumpur were not willing to host them.

“The other states are also not willing to host the two tournaments,” said Gobinathan, who is also the vice-president of MHC.
Perlis were supposed to host both the men’s and women’s Under-21 tournaments but declined the job last month due to financial constraints.

MHC then approached the Kuala Lumpur HA, with the same result.
But the fact remains that MHC are the main culprits here. They shouldn’t blame the states. The states are willing to host the tournaments but they need financial assistance from the national body.
Anyway, this isn’t the first time such an incident has happened.

Last month, the Raja Norashikin Cup (for women,) scheduled in Kuala Lumpur, was also postponed due to similar problems.
Perhaps, it’s time the MHC started looking for sponsors ... and fast. Otherwise, more tournaments risk being put on the backburner.


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