Thursday, May 30, 2013

NSC Asks State Directors To Make Sure Doping Not A Problem At Malaysia Games

KUALA LUMPUR, May 29 (Bernama) -- State Sports Council directors have been asked to ensure that doping does not become a problem at the 16th Malaysia Games, said National Sports Council's (NSC) Events Management division director Datuk Abdul Jalil Abdullah.

He said the MSC could not monitor each and every athlete and could only do random testing as it cost almost RM1,000 per test.

"To save costs, we have asked the state directors to monitor athletes so that the problem of doping does not rear it ugly head at the Malaysia Games," he told the media in an update on the Games here today.

The 16th Malaysia Games which will be held at the National Sports Council's (NSC) Mini-Stadium here from June 28 to July 7 will see three new sports included, namely beach football, woodball and Muay Thai.

Abdul Jalil said the cost of the Games this time around was estimated at RM9 million, slighly more than the previous edition because of the inclusion of the new events besides equestrian entailing huge expenditure.

The Games will offer 132 gold and silver medals and 206 bronze medals in 23 events.

Besides the new events, the others that will be competed are aquatics (including water polo and synchronised swimming), bodybuilding, handball, netball, basketball, football, volleyball (beach and indoor), equestrian, judo, silambam, kabadi, cricket, gymnastics, rugby, table tennis, rowing, softball and fencing.

Some 7,000 athletes and officials are scheduled to participate in the opening and closing of the Games.

The NSC is also holding a photography competition for the media in conjunction with the Games with the winner's purse at RM2,000 and consolation prizes of RM500 each for the 10 best pictures.


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