Friday, March 27, 2015

Seela bersara?

Kuala Lumpur: Jaguh olahraga 400 meter lari berpagar negara, Noraseela Khalid sudah boleh melupakan kariernya sebagai atlet selepas dilaporkan tidak lagi mampu untuk berlari kerana kecederaan.

Presiden Kesatuan Olahraga Malaysia (KOM), Datuk Karim Ibrahim mengesahkan pemenang pingat gangsa Sukan Asia 2006 itu sudah menarik diri daripada Kejohanan Terbuka Malaysia bermula hari ini.

Menduduki tempat kelima di Sukan Asia Guangzhou, China pada 2010, Karim berkata, Seela mungkin terpaksa melupakan kariernya berikutan kecederaan lama yang masih menghantuinya.

“Memang Seela ada memaklumkan kepada saya untuk kembali berlari, tetapi masih terasa sakit.
“Sekarang ini dia akan memberi tumpuan kepada tugas barunya sebagai jurulatih. Bagaimanapun kita tidak menghalang untuk dia kembali jika dia mampu melakukannya,” katanya.

Frost gets to run the show his way

KUALA LUMPUR: Badminton Association of Malaysia’s (BAM) technical director Morten Frost got what he wanted – control and a big budget to run the coaching and training programme.
The BAM executive committee, headed by president Tengku Tan Sri Mahaleel Tengku Ariff, met to study Frost’s proposals. And they gave the Dane their unanimous support to turn around the fortunes of Malaysian badminton.

Under the new plan and structure, all the national coaches’ contracts under BAM will be extended with better perks. A generous budget for the players’ participation in competitions has also been approved.

And Frost’s plan to scrap the chief coaches’ posts with immediate effect was received with lot of cheers.

Frost said he would assume the role of chief coach.

“I am so happy that I have received full support for my new coaching and training structure. I had asked for a big budget and it was approved,” said a delighted Frost.

“I have decided to remove all the chief coaches’ posts. I will act as the chief coach and all coaches from the elite and BJSS (Bukit Jalil Sports School) will report to me. All coaches will be given the contract next week and it is up to them whether to accept it or not.”

Prior to Frost’s arrival, Rashid Sidek was the chief coach of the singles department and Jeremy Gan was the chief doubles coach.

“Now, all the coaches have equal responsibilities. They can make instant decisions, but they will have to report to me.
“I will remain as the technical director.

“I have other obligations, like overseeing the development programmes at state level and monitoring all the other departments

“My next move is to come out with short and long term targets for all the players.
“There is so much work to be done. I am glad my proposals has been given the approval sooner than expected,” said Frost, whose target is to end Malaysia’s long wait for a gold medal at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

BAM mansuhkan ketua jurulatih

KUALA LUMPUR – Pengarah Teknikal Persatuan Badminton Malaysia (BAM), Morten Frost Hansen akan memansuhkan jawatan ketua jurulatih dalam penstrukturan semula barisan kejurulatihan sedia ada.

Dia juga tidak menolak kemungkinan akan melakukan rombakan yang menyaksikan beberapa jurulatih elit akan ditukarkan ke bahagian lain yang bersesuaian.

Katanya, dia juga akan berjumpa dengan semua jurulatih yang sudah tamat kontrak bagi membincangkan isu-isu lain berkaitan kontrak sebelum menawarkan kontrak baharu kepada mereka.
“Saya juga sudah mengadakan perbincangan dengan barisan kejurulatihan dan mereka bersetuju dengan cadangan yang dikemukakan tetapi saya tidak akan menjelaskan secara terperinci mengenai perubahan struktur ini.

“Saya juga sudah meletakkan sasaran kepada para pemain tetapi masih belum membincangkan sasaran secara terperinci kepada jurulatih dan perkara ini akan di­selaraskan semula selepas ini.
“Ahli majlis juga sudah bersetuju dengan cadangan kenaikan gaji di dalam kontrak baharu kesemua jurulatih, jadi saya akan bertemu de­ngan jurulatih sama ada Isnin atau Selasa ini bagi menyelesaikan isu kontrak ini,” katanya ketika ditemui di Stadium Juara, Bukit Kiara di sini semalam.

Frost berkata, kesemua jurulatih akan diberikan kontrak baharu selama dua tahun tetapi pencapaian mereka akan dinilai setiap enam bulan dan sekiranya mereka gagal mencapai indeks prestasi utama (KPI) yang ditetapkan, notis pemberhentian tiga bulan akan diberikan kepada mereka berbanding sebulan sebelum ini.

Katanya, notis tiga bulan itu dilihat lebih adil sekiranya mereka ingin mencari pekerjaan baharu selain memberinya cukup masa untuk mencari pengganti baharu.

Malaysia humiliated 6-0 by Oman

KUALA LUMPUR: Dollah Salleh suffered his heaviest defeat as national coach when Oman hammered 10-man Malaysia 6-0 in an international friendly in Muscat on Thursday.

Playing for the first time since finishing runners-up at the AFF Cup last December, the national team were made to look like minnows by Oman as Malaysia slumped to its biggest loss in 16 years.
So bad were Malaysia that S. Kunanlan was penalised for two penalties and the match ended on a sour note when captain Safiq Rahim was sent off for dissent.

Yaqoob Abdul-Karim Al Qasmi and Abdulaziz Homaid Al Muqbali both scored twice, either side of half-time, with Qasim Said Sangoor and Mohsin Johar Al Khalidi getting the other goals.
The defeat was Malaysia's ninth in Dollah's 13 matches in charges and the coach's worst outing since his debut game, a 4-1 loss against Tajikistan in August last year.

It was also the national team's biggest reverse since a 6-0 defeat by Indonesia at the 1999 Sea Games.
The national team lacked imagination and cohesion as the gulf in ranking - Oman are ranked 96th by Fifa while Malaysia are 153rd - was too obvious.

Dollah gave Akram Mahinan his first international cap but the Johor midfielder failed to impress, often making back passes to the defence whenever in possession and was hauled off at half-time.
Johor right-back Che Rashid Che Halim also made his international debut when he appeared as a substitute while Kelantan winger Wan Zack Haikal Wan Nor played in his first international in two years.

Oman goalkeeper Ali Al Habsi, who plays for Wigan Athletic in England, only had one save to make when he easily gathered a low angled shot by Norshahrul Idlan Talaha in the 13th minute.
Two minutes later, Malaysia were 1-0 down when Al Qasmi scored before Al Muqbali scored from the spot two minutes before half-time.

Substitute goalkeeper Khairul Azhan Khalid was only on the pitch for 90 seconds when he was beaten by Sangoor before Al Muqbali made it 4-0 on the counter-attack in the 51st minute.
Al Qasmi flicked in a header in the 67th minute for Oman's fifth goal before Al Khalidi completed the humiliation for Malaysia by stroking another penalty home a minute from full-time.

MALAYSIA: Farizal Marlias (Khairul Azhan Khalid, 46); S. Kunanlan, Muslim Ahmad (Afif Amiruddin, 63), Fadhli Shas, Zubir Azmi; Wan Zack Haikal Wan Nor (Che Rashid Che Halim, 57), Akram Mahinan (Baddrol Bakhtiar, 46), Safiq Rahim, Amri Yahyah; Norshahrul Idlan Talaha (Manaf Mamat, 71), Indra Putra Mahayuddin (Joseph Kalang Tie, 46).

Third gold for Malaysia in Asian Youth Championship

Rafiq and Qalif (right) took the third gold medal for Malaysian in the Asian Youth Tenpin Bowling Championship in Macau.
Rafiq and Qalif (right) took the third gold medal for Malaysian in the Asian Youth Tenpin Bowling Championship in Macau.

PETALING JAYA: It’s as good as it gets for Malaysia.

On Thursday, Malaysia struck gold again at the Asian Youth Tenpin Bowling Championship in Macau for an unprecedented third straight day with  Rafiq Ismail and Qalif Adnor Adam claiming the boys’ doubles title.

On Tuesday, Rafiq won the boys’ singles title and Nora Lyana Nastasia Norakmal followed suit by capturing the girls’ singles crown on Wednesday. 

The 18-year-old Rafiq and Qalif amassed a record 2,814 total, beating the previous mark of 2,783 set by a Hong Kong pair in 2010.

Rafiq registered lines of 233-196-279-279-228-231 for a six-game total of 1,446 while Qalif contributed 1,368 pinfalls.

Muhammad Jaris Goh and Javier Tan of Singapore took the silver with 2,763 pinfalls while Filipino pair Ivan Malig-Enzo Hernandez amassed 2,690 for third spot.
Rafiq was surprised that they managed to set an Asian record.

“We were focused on winning the gold, the record is a bonus,” said Rafiq.

“It was not an easy win. We were second after two games and were trailing Japan by 41 pins. But we managed to score 524 pinfalls in the third to take over as leaders as the Japanese could only manage 372. After that, the pressure eased off and we managed to stay on course to win the gold,” he added.
Qalif was glad he managed to hit it off with Rafiq in their first partnership.

They were team-mates while representing Federal Territory at the 2012 Sukma, but were not paired together.

“Rafiq is a good bowler. He also believes in my abilities and we feed off each other,” said the 19-year-old Qalif.

“The win is definitely a great confidence booster ahead of the team event (on Saturday). I’m really hoping to strike another gold. I believe in our team.”

Malaysia’s gold No. 4 hunt continues with Nora partnering Natasha Roslan and Nur Shazwani Sahar combining with Nur Amirah Auni in the girls’ doubles. 

New KPI For BAM Coaches

KUALA LUMPUR, March 26 (Bernama) -- From April 1, the Badminton Association of Malaysia coaches performance will be measured by a new Key Performance Indicator (KPI) under the new restructuring programme.

BAM president Tan Sri Dr Tengku Mahaleel Tengku Ariff said it was part of the restructuring effort proposed by newly-appointed BAM technical director Morten Frost Hansen.

"Generally we are very happy with what Frost presented to us and we agree to the proposals. The coaches will be given new contracts but with KPI. BAM will also relook at the welfare of players and their contracts," he told reporters after chairing a BAM exco meeting here, today.

Tengku Mahaleel said the BAM would also 'realign' all the 'misalignment' of salaries and income of coaches and players.

Meanwhile, Frost said under the new structure, the decision would be taken collectively after discussion with coaches and administration.

"The new structure will be a flat structure, where there will be no head coaches for the players. All the coaches will report to me directly. Other than that, the coaches will get new two year contracts but reviewed every six months.

"When we set new targets for the players, obviously that becomes the target for the coaches to reach," he said.

Frost added that under the new structure, if the administration wanted to terminate a coach or a coach wanted to resign, the notice period will be three months.

"Previously it was just one month, but this will be more fair for both sides," he said adding that four more coaches would be employed to cater for the shortage of coaches faced by the BAM.

Kerajaan Terus Sokong Formula 1 Demi Impak Ekonomi - Najib

SEPANG, 26 Mac (Bernama) -- Kerajaan memutuskan untuk terus menyokong Grand Prix Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia kerana ia memberi impak baik daripada segi ekonomi kepada negara, kata Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Beliau berkata dengan mengambil kira impak ekonomi daripada acara berprestij ini kepada Malaysia, termasuk kemunculan pelbagai industri dan perniagaan sampingan untuk menyokong Formula 1,"kerajaan memperakui kepentingan dan relevanan, dan memutuskan untuk terus menyokongnya."

Formula 1 dianggap acara sukan tahunan terbesar dan paling berprestij negara ini dan berjaya menarik ramai peminat sukan permotoran dari seluruh pelosok dunia," katanya dalam perutusan dalam buku program rasmi Grand Prix Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia.

Najib berkata Grand Prix Malaysia pertama kali diadakan pada 1999 dan tahun ini merupakan edisi ke-17, telah berkembang maju daripda segi kedudukan dan populariti, dan telah memberi banyak pendedahan positif tentang Malaysia.

"Lebih 500 juta penonton daripada lebih 180 negara mengikuti perlumbaan ini di TV, dan ramai lagi yang mengikutinya menerusi akhbar dan platform media sosial," kata Perdana Menteri dan menurut beliau bagi 16 tahun lalu secara berturut-turut, ribuan peminat telah berkunjung ke Litar Antarabangsa Sepang untuk menonton grand prix itu.

Menyentuh tentang perlumbaan akan datang, Najib mengalu-alukan kedatangan Juara Dunia ketika ini Lewis Hamilton dan pasukan Mercedes tajaan Petronas yang "kembali ke gelanggang sendiri" buat pertama kalinya sejak kemenangan sensasi dua gelaran tahun lepas.

"Bagi pihak kerajaan Malaysia, saya mengucapkan tahniah kepada pasukan Mercedes AMG Petronas F1, dan Lewis Hamilton bagi musim 2014 yang cemerlang; kami berharap mereka terus mencipta kejayaan musim ini," katanya.

Untuk rekod, Hamilton mengatasi rakan sepasukan Nico Rosberg untuk membolehkan Mercedes mendominasi kemenangan perlumbaan musim pembukaan pada Grand Prix Australia di Melbourne, dua minggu lepas.

Najib menyatakan penghargaan kepada Kementerian Pelancongan dan Kebudayaan dan Kementerian Belia dan Sukan dan semua agensi kerajaan yang terbabit dalam acara itu.

"Saya juga mengucapkan terima kasih kepada pengurusan dan pasukan Litar Antarabangsa Sepang (SIC) atas usaha tanpa mengenal erti penat lelah mereka dalam memastikan semua persediaan dan keperluan untuk menganjurkan perlumbaan ini dipenuhi.

"Kepada beratus-ratus pegawai perlumbaan, sukarelawan dan petugas lain yang terlibat, terima kasih atas bantun anda untuk memastikan Grand Prix Formula 1 Petronas Malaysia 2015 berlangsung dengan selamat dan jayanya," katanya.

Najib mengucapkan selamat maju jaya dalam perlumbaan pada hujung minggu ini kepada semua pemandu dan pasukan.

Malaysia Shamed By Oman 6-0 At International Friendly

KUALA LUMPUR, March 27 (Bernama) -- The Harimau Malaya squad was clearly no match for the 96th world ranking team Oman after it was thrashed 6-0 at an A class international friendly at the Al-Seeb Stadium, Thursday night.

The host team, dubbed Al-Ahmar (The Reds), dominated the match by launching attack after attack on the national squad's goalmouth in a game which was directly aired by a pay station.

Yaqob Abdul-Karim Salim Al-Qasmi placed Oman in front in the 15th minute by taking advantage of a tussle in the Malaysian penalty box to easily push the ball, past Mohd Farizal Marlias.

Oman, which is trained by by French coach, Paul Le Guen increased its attack and scored its second goal via a penalty in the 42nd minute by Abdul Aziz Humaid Mubarak Al-Muqbali.

In the second half, Oman scored four more goals through Qasim Said Sangoor, Abdul Aziz, Yaqoob Abdul-Karim and Mohsin Johar Al-Khaldi.